Relationship Coaching

Being in a relationship can be our greatest challenge. Are you confused about what you want? Do you want to be together and enhance your love but don't know how? Have either one of you been hurt by the other?  As a relationship coach, Hrag Jansezian helps clients communicate, reconnect and find harmony with their loved ones.

Did you find out that he or she is not the one?

Do you believe you are worthy of being loved and loving someone? Are you afraid of intimacy?

A relationship coach can help you to:

  • Discover, challenge and solve belief patterns that may be keeping you from attracting your life partner.

  • Brainstorm for deepening intimacy.

  • Create relationship goals and vision.

  • Access your deeper emotions & feelings to better communicate with your partner.

  • Look out for warning signs & triggers.

  • Look into relationship goals & expectations.