Group Counseling

For those who prefer a group environment allowing clients to relate to other clients and get feedback, Hrag Jansezian offers group counseling sessions of 5-9 addicts & alcoholics similar to in-patient rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers. Mr. Jansezian also provides couples coaching for those who want clarity on their relationship and to work out what they both really want. 
 If you are currently dealing with an addiction or if you are struggling with a relationship problem, seeking help from a coach can be beneficial in finding ways to stop poor behavior. One way to achieve your desires is to attend a Group Counseling Session. Hrag Jansezian is located in Beirut, Lebanon and is a life coach who can help. His knowledge about addiction and relationship troubles is projected to his clients with the power of conversation. Sometimes speaking to others will help you learn new ways to deal with triggers associated with addictive behavior. In the case of relationship struggles, speaking with a coach and with your partner can be beneficial to get back to a healthy state. Call now for a free consultation.